A Message To The Anti-Vibers

A Message To The Anti-Vibers

I get it…
You see phrases like “light always rules over darkness” as deceiving when you see the opportunity for darkness to eradicate our light completely. You see irrational optimism as immature as a young adult not wanting to accept the fact that sugar is bad for him.
We see the increase of love as a movement to increase fear where its needed. We see an ability for you to believe in a brighter future as an ability for you to see paths where the problems you see not being talked about enough being brought to light.
We don’t promote turning a blind eye to scary truths, we promote hope in the face of them. We don't promote never looking at problems, we promote seeing ways to overcome them. We promote seeing obstacles as parts of the great path forward.
Because if we aren't enjoying this life in the first place, where are we going to get the motivation to tackle a mountain to make ensure it continues.