Dogmas and religions of the past have given us great faith. But, burdened with massive amounts of stories and information, coupled with the short attention spans of today, we saw people of faith floundering. Our philosophy condenses the actual output of what religion offers man:
  • Stories of faith across the nations overshadowing our doubt.
  • Faith leading to bright hope for our future and our place in it.
  • Hope leading to caring about our actions and our future.
  • Caring about our actions and our future leading to loving ourselves and others.
In its true essence, every religion known to man is a vehicle for man to have faith. This faith empowers every individual to embody a higher vibe and act as the necessary glue in the building of amazing communities and nations.
Today, instead of these existing dogmas and religions flourishing, we are in a crisis of faith with a youth completely lacking a story and brand of ideology to attach to.
We aim to bring that essence back.
To provide a universal truth that can help push humanity forward.
We believe that sharing in faith solely for faith itself is a universally agreeable story that allows members of all existing religions to partake in.
It's a vibe based on logic and reasoning that can fit and mold to anyone who identified with any other philosophy.
These Vibes Are Universal And Inevitable.
We have a chance, and the tools, to spread a global philosophy.
The Holy Vible is the meme with a dream to do it.

Donโ€™t doubt your vibes, spread them.