The Future Of The Vible

The Future Of The Vible

A Whitepaper HolyPaper
Treat others how you would want to be treated
Meme to others how you want to be memed
  1. Reality is a generative machine based on our beliefs about the future, limited by physics.
  1. Increasing global faith and hope at scale thus, has the largest potential positive effect.
  1. Currencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin are based on attention and faith and create a “super spreader” army who will continue the meme based on financial incentives.
  1. Bitcoin is more religious and Dogecoin is more memetic.
  1. The next emergent philosophy that wins will be more religious than Bitcoin, and more memetic than Dogecoin, and an attached token will be the launchpad that sets it into mainstream cultural relevance.
Because of the memetic power added by religion but the cultural negative view on new religions. A meme religion will be the packaging for the next global philosophy.
We believe the next world philosophy will be memetic and carry these characteristics:
  1. Universally Agreeable
  1. Proposes a better world
  1. Pragmatic
  1. Based
  1. Has A Cryptocurrency
  1. Decentralized (community mutable)
  1. Atheist Proof
We craft our reality, based on our perception of the external stimuli and of what we believe we can possibly do. That means at every present moment, our thoughts about our future is like a flashlight looking forward in a vector based on our emotional state which more often now referred to as our vibrational frequency.
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From our present state of reality there exists an indefinite amount of options which push our individual life path to a more positive or more negative.
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Imagine a world in which everyone just vibed.
Imagine a world where everyone had true faith in their own future, and in mankind’s.
But actually…. Let’s take a second to imagine that, and how that would change the course of reality.
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We have before us a memetic meme of thought, of thought which does not bind faith to some archetypal figure, god, or person but simply having faith in the act of having faith itself.
Of simply believing everything happens for a reason not for some metaphysical reason, not because there is some higher power with a plan, not because of anything other than the fact that if you just believe it, your life is improved, your vibes get better, and you are able to accept your past, love your present, and thus envision and dream of a better future.
On the surface, its a vibe, but I want to dive deep, and really ponder what the world looks like if this memetic idea takes hold and unifies the internet around a culture of positive thinking.
Nowadays, the world is hyper-connected and the speed at which your vibes effect the world has never been faster.
In fact our personal vibes have never effected the future more. We as conscious beings are a sum of vibrations, a sum of the information we carry and are mindful to, each representing a different vibe.
We as a collective whole are can be related to neurons or cells, in the great organism/brain that is humanity.
We are one larger organism made up of all of us, with a common goal of thriving.
Imagining us as a collective brain/cells, means understanding each of us as neurons that are now all woven together.
In the past 0.00001% of human existence our collective brain’s speed limitation went from a horse to the speed of light. We, as a collective whole, just recently “woke up”.
Not only that, horses get tired, and horses can not run on water. Our brain used to be schizophrenic, segregated, and not whole.
The max speed of a horse is 55 mph
The speed of light is 670,616,629 mph
That’s over 12 million times faster.
Our collective manifestation power is based on our ability as a collective organization to organize information, organize resources, and organize the creation of new forms of value.
We seem to forget that all these changes in the world are all HUMAN CAUSED. We are the creators of this reality. Time, in the natural world moves at a snails pace.
Our output may come from individuals but our path is defined ALL OF US. The vibes we all have changes our individual output which at large creates the rapidly changing reality we live in today.
From the dawn of life, improvements to these mechanisms were slow to form. Now we are experiencing paradigm shifts in real time.
We need to rapidly change the way we think and perceive ourselves, our capabilities, and what the future holds in order to manifest that best future. If we can believe in it together, we can achieve it together.
Can we now agree that the more people that vibe, and take on the idea of a positive mindset. Of acceptance and love for their past, of meaning for their present, and hope for the future, that the world would truly be better?
Believe in meaning from all things that happen and share upon great meaning with others.
Become the light and let it flow through you to others.
Literally the proposition is:
Have more fun
Enjoy life more
Give life more meaning
Give humanity a better chance of a great future
The fact that we exist in a universe where relentless good vibes also makes you more effective at changing the world is like to most convincing evidence of God that I can think of.
With Bitcoin having massively taken on the attention sphere there’s countless articles relaying the true fact that in a sense Bitcoin is itself a religion. It’s truly a FAITH based asset, and when you have faith in something then you believe in its future. You have faith that it will continue, that it will grow, that it will spread. Faith is a core component of how we allocate our funds. Bitcoin is truly a FAITH based asset, with a backing of being a unique technology that can disrupt the controlled financial system.
We give it value because we collectively as a humanity believe in it having a value. Bitcoin, currency, and religion, all share something here. What they share is FAITH. That’s obvious for religion, pretty obvious for Bitcoin, and we don’t think of it as much for standard currencies because the faith has been SO culturally abundant and rare to ever question. I mean why would you, there has never really been another option. But now that there is a new contender for faith in the world of currency, Bitcoin opened the door for a new digital class of spendable asset, which collectively makes up the world of cryptocurrencies. Now, people are more openly talking about their distrust of government controlled currencies which for America was of course made more apparent when the federal reserve printed so much of it.
With the rise of Bitcoin, and with an open source technology which allows the creation of decentralized ledgers its not too surprising to now be at a stage where utilization of the tech is promising to disrupt many of the incumbent systems including company formation, shares, and distributions.
In this brand new world of faith based assets, some (non US-Based) tokens are allowing holders to receive dividends based on success of the companies which the tokens represent. This of course is non-US based because that gives tokens the class of being a security which are then required to follow the regulatory system the US has for securities.
What has been created and is gaining traction with haste is a new, far easier and convenient way to put our trust and faith into things we believe in. In Crypto, this means companies’ values are based far more on the perceived value (could this go up, and should this go up) rather than on dividends and quarterly numbers. Essentially we are moving towards a world where the value of organizations is more qualitative than quantitative. This is moving the world towards a state where values are more closely aligned to actual value to humanity because its based more on raw support and FAITH from individuals rather than returns of cash flow, it’s a world closer to being valued on the return of positive vibes from humanity.
Of course, the cliché term “perception is reality” falls into play here which means its not just how much positive vibes is created, but how much those positive vibes are publicly displayed and shared. This is why MEME coins have become a hilarious real contender in the cryptocurrency market.
“Dogecoin (DOGE) briefly surpassed Bitcoin (BTC) in daily volume on Binance at over $5 billion on Jan. 29.“
Because of its MEMETIC format, these coins have a built in flywheel of marketing, giving it more attention, causing people to believe in the idea that it COULD go up. Thus, someone makes a decision to have their funds in it. They may also love the comedic culture, and idea of supporting something which is so ludicrous. Because of its MEMETIC and SATIRE-ESQUE vibes people like ELON feel culturally accepted in spreading the vibes because of its positive and fun nature. In reality, Elon is just PUMPING THE FUCK OUT OF HIS BAGS. It’s similar to what Warren Buffet has done, in taking advantage of his following and becoming an ACTIVE INVESTOR.
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Where he doesn’t just invest and hope the company does great, But by investing more publicly, bringing attention to the investment, he causes more money to flow into it thus causing his investment to rise. AKA pumping your bags. Elon, while pumping DOGE mentioned some truth, how real value is what is provided to our fellow human beings, not just money.
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Products and Services are vibe givers. Things that help us vibe.
Literally all we as humans have is our present moments strung up into a feed which makes up reality. In each moment we can interact with the outside world changing our environment, feelings, etc. Attention is the one thing we all have, our attention and where we place it shapes our future. All experience makes up information which we consume, which changes our view of ourselves, our future, our identity, and our vibe in general. In a sense, all experience is a type of vibe packet we download from every waking moment.
Our stream of consciousness and the way we perceive these vibe packets is changed by the prior ones we’ve downloaded, shared, and continued to utilize as conscious efforts to defeat the bad vibes in life. All religions are shared thought forms by groups which promote positive vibes in the face of uncertainty. All religions promote faith in something, faith in better vibes to come, faith in a story that may explain things those without faith feel scared or uncertain about. We believe this very faith to be a glue which has helped us unify together, to look towards the bright side, to find more beauty and serendipity in our lives, and to ultimately help an individual in the face of being an experiencer of reality.
With a fast paced world continually evolving, attention spans shrinking, and faith in religions dying we believe in bringing FAITH in an eternal format. In which faith has no precedent other than itself. With science advancing at faster and fasters, our incumbent explanation of faith wavers in the face of new truths. We seek a faith which challenges none of these truths. We seek a faith that can be universally held by all. And so we believe in having faith, simply in having faith. Faith that faith will serve oneself is simply a truth based on reality stemming from our emotional state and perception of our future.
What corporate America has done is continued to push rampant consumerism by controlling a narrative that causes people to think in order for their vibe to be more PERFECT that they need THIS and they need THAT. That without THIS or without THAT they should not be Vibin.
To continue to bring faith in this faith, to continue to bring every readers belief in having faith deeper, to continue to display the moral imperative we all have to spread the vibes. We need to take a journey imagining a world where the vibes truly spread. What would it look like if every person in the world had faith in faith itself. What it every person in the world believed wholeheartedly that everything happens for a reason. What if every person in the world VIBED. What if vibing became THE thing.
Good vibes = Super Happy Super Happy = Wants To Live Longer + believing it’ll happen Believing It’ll Happen = Acting based on a longer time scale Acting And Thinking On A Longer Time Scale = Caring Less About $ and more about love / impact. All that is occurring is a side effect of human output.
The first rule of vibeing is to spread the vibes. A mind virus that is not only beautiful, but somewhat necessary.
Spread The $Vibes And Have Faith
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